Unit Trust Course

Unit Trust Course
Unit Trust Course

A victim of low interest rates for your savings. Within 2 days we will introduce you to the world of Unit Trusts and help you determine which funds suits you the best based on your financial needs.

Course Content

  • Define Mutual Funds ( Unit Trusts )
  • Explain the Sri Lankan context in terms of Unit Trusts
  • Explain who could invest in a Unit Trust in Sri Lanka
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Mutual Funds
  • Main Types of Mutual Funds
  • Calculation of the Net Asset Value (NAV) of a Mutual Fund
  • Organizational Structure of a Mutual Fund
  • Primary Classes of Mutual Funds
  • Other Classes of Mutual Funds
  • Calculation of Returns from Mutual Funds
  • Costs involved in Investing in Mutual Funds
  • Procedure of Purchasing Units in a Mutual Funds
  • Analysis of the Fund Managers Report
  • Understand Explanatory Memorandums
  • Industry Analysis