Stock Market Course – Beginners

Stock Market Course – Beginners
Stock Market Course – Beginners

If you are new to trading and stock markets and don’t know where to start this is the course for you. In one week we will introduce you to the fundamentals of the stock market and complete your immersive experience with live trade demonstrations.

Course Content

  •  Investing Basics

  • Procedure of opening Trading Accounts

  • All share types including BS,PS,WS

  • How to trade Rights and Right Issues

  • Dividends and their trends

  • Credit Rating Organizations

  • Catalysts

  • 10 Fundamental Indicators that are commonly used in Sri Lanka

  • 1 Technical Indicator

  • Entire Analysis of CSE Webpage

  • Basic Financial Report Analysis

  • Stock Splits and their trends

  • Director Dealings and their trends

  • Beta Value Analysis

  • TIF Orders

  • All the Advanced Order Types

  • Live Trading