Equity Valuation Course

Equity Valuation Course
Equity Valuation Course

Learn the art of Equity Valuation to conduct your own analysis which will assist you to determine the fair value of listed stocks through the usage of share valuations techniques.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Fundamental Analysis
  • Types of Fundamental Analysis
  • Introduction to an Equity Report
  • Introduction to Share Valuation Techniques
  • Asset Based Valuation Approach
  • Industry Analysis Approach
  • Important Components in an Analyst Report
  • Introduction to Valuation Concepts
  • Introduction to Valuation Tools
  • Introduction to Asset Based Valuations and Calculations
  • Introduction to Relative Based Valuations
  • Price Multiples
  • Enterprise Value Multiples
  • Calculation of Multiples Based Valuation on the Listed Counters
  • Introduction to Income (Cash Flow) Based Valuation
  • Differentiation between Dividend Discount and Free CashFlow Models
  • FCFF vs FCFE
  • A Simplified Approach to value a Stock using Free Cash Flow Based Valuations