Who We Are

From juvenile roots, Ceylon Exchange Mentoring has redefined limits and expectations while constantly striving to reach even greater heights.

Since its initiation, our organization has focused on engaging with all corners of society and opening doors to the vast and dynamic world of capital market investments, a world unknown to many who are yet to realize that a 9-5 job is not the only way to earn.

We have taken it upon ourselves to guide you in the right direction and help you get accustomed to the practical world of capital investment. Our institute conducts several courses on various capital investments schemes in Sri Lanka.

Authenticity and accuracy are fundamentals in the world of investments and the news investors receive plays a pivotal role in the final decision on potential investments. To help investors make the right choice, the news agency of our enterprise provides our users with easy to understand and accurate information on the latest news in the economic and financial sectors.

We conduct consistent and independent research on investment schemes in Sri Lanka and make our analysis open to the public via our social media platforms, helping the viewer to gain deeper insight on market performance and structure. Furthermore, the formation of a close knit relationship with our follower base is an integral part our organization’s value system and we are committed to investing our time and energy into engaging with them and providing comprehensive answers for any questions they may have pertaining to the subject.

In the ever changing world of investments and finances it is our responsibility to prepare the next generation of investors for what lies ahead and by expecting the unexpected, to be ready for anything. Our enterprise takes pride in being the premier investment education platform in Sri Lanka and has managed to reach more than “1500” individuals within a span of “10 months”.

More than 1000 success stories. Lets start your journey in the stock market today!


Our vision is to provide a platform for future potential investors and entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka in order for them to confidently invest in the Colombo Stock Exchange.

Our management team strives to use their expertise to provide value added services to our clients, by providing sound knowledge and insight on the Capital Market Investment Scheme in Sri Lanka through the conduction of effective and flexible classes, both physically and online.


Our mission is to be a corporation with a clear focus in order to be worthy of our customer’s trust. With the provision of a solid foundation with regards to the local financial system and the Capital Market Investment Scheme, our methods also aim to provide our clients with accurate data. We ensure the validity of our support by constituting the data by our enterprise using our years of experience, or ensuring that the data is recognized by trustworthy enterprises in the country which are directly or indirectly associated with the local financial system.